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About Me:

I was born 10.10.1969 in Ankara Turkey. As we do not have Television at that time every day in the week, i grow up with the guitarplaying of my greantfather Resit Ertüzün till i was 6 years old. Then i started to play on his guitar and become lessons. After a year i ve got lessons from Savas Cegirke, who was later one of the most important persons in turkey on the classical guitar scene and had the first smal concerts. There i was 8 or 9 years old i think.

1980 i came to germany and that changed many things. The absolutely best teacher here in Munich i had was Ingrid Westermeier, who teach me the modern guitartechnique, for wich i must thank her. But things got difficult and finally i stopped playing completely at the age of 23 after a visit in the Jazz scene.

On 2008 summer i found the mood and courage to play guitar again after this long period of silence. I brought a wonderfull cheap masterguitar from Dieter Fischer (a very nice 70 years old guitar luthier, working for höfner) and started practicing on my HM88 with its d'addario medium strings.

I love this challenging instrument, love to practice and compose with it. Grew up with the music of Segovia my favorite players are John Williams and Manuel Barrueco with David Russell. Favorite composers for guitar ofcourse Barrios, Albeniz, Granados, Tarrega. Especially Rachmaninov is my most loved one in nonguitar music. But also Chick Corea, Ravel, Bach, there are so many of good ones :-)

I never play concerts (too nervous before them :-)) and live a mostly seclusive life at the moment and use the time for guitar.

best wishes and greetings to all guitar friends out there